Hypothyroidism At A Glance


The condition in which the thyroid glands emit an inadequate level of thyroid hormones is hypothyroidism. The body requires these hormones for proper metabolism growth, expansion and healthy cellular processing. An unusually low amount of thyroid hormones could cause extensive side effects throughout the body.

But just what are these thyroid homones and why do we need them so badly?

Thyroid hormones are produced by the thyroid glands. Your thyroid is a small, butterfly-shaped gland located in front of the neck, below the Adam’s apple or larynx.

The thyroid secretes two very important hormones, Thyroxine (T4) and Triodothyronine (T-3). In addition to controlling how quickly your body makes use of fats and carbohydrates, important functions of these hormones include control of your body temperature and regulation of chemical reactions. Other important functions involving these two hormones include regulating protein production, influencing your heart rate and affecting the sleep governing circadian rhythms.

Conversely, there is no emission of these hormones when there is no thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) being produced through your pituitary gland. The pituitary gland is a tiny cavity located at the bottom of the brain and is the size of a peanut.

When our body needs the service of the thyroid hormones, the brain signals the pituitary gland to produce more TSH, which in turn stimulates the thyroid gland to secrete T3 and T4. Hence, raising the levels of these hormones in the blood. The amount depends on how much T3 and T4 are in your blood. In addition, the thyroid regulates its hormone production based on the amount of TSH it receives.

In addition, the thyroid creates calcitonin, a hormone that takes part in the monitoring and metabolization of calcium amounts in the bloodstream.

What are the causes of Hypothyroidism?

There are actually many different causes. Here are some of them:

* Hashimoto thyroiditis or autoimmune disease
When your own immune system begins to produce antibodies which actually will attack its own tissue, the condition is referred to as an autoimmune disease. The thyroid gland may be involved in this process. Perhaps caused by bacteria or a virus, the cause behind autoimmune disease remains unclear. This disease not only affects the thyroid’s function but other organs as well, regardless of what the cause really is. The thyroid tissue is damaged tnen not able to produce other of your body’s critical hormonal needs.

* Extracting the Thyroid by Surgical Means
There are some medical conditions that permit the surgery needed for taking out a section of the thyroid gland, which is thyroid cancer. Hypothyroidism takes place when the entire thyroid is unable to emit an adequate amount of hormones that meets the body’s needs.

* The Process of Radioactive Iodine Therapy (for hypothyroidism, goiter and Grave’s disease)
This treatment is meant to eradicate or kill off a section of the thyroid gland to keep it from growing even bigger and also impede the thyroid’s excessive emission of hormones (hypothyroidism).

* Undergoing Radiation Therapy
This is a process utilized for the treatment of cancer in the head, neck and thyroid. This is something that could have an impact on the thyroid gland’s ability to function, thus leading to hypothyroidism.

* To Treat Those with Congenital Disease
About 3,000 infants a year are born in the United States with either a problematic thyroid gland, or no gland at all. Some of these cases show that, although they gave inherited a form of thyroid disorder, some children never have any problems develop for some unknown reason. Newborn thyroid screening, for that reason, is now suggested by a number of states.

* Pregnancy and Post Pregnancy
During pregnancy and sometimes even after, a woman will produce antibodies against her own thyroid gland which results in the problem of hypothyroidism. If not treated, dangers including miscarriage, premature delivery and preclampsia can be the result.

* Acute Iodine Deficiency
You can find iodine in practically all edible matters, and it is required for the production of thyroid hormones. Iodine deficiency is a prevalent problem in almost every corner of the world. However, in America, the daily ingestion of table salt along with iodine has decreased to the point where this issue has almost been completely eliminated.

* The Pituitary Gland Tumor
This is something that could have an impact on the pituitary gland’s capacity for making TSH, which is required for the production of hormones in the thyroid.

Hypothyroidism: The Symptoms

* Fatigue
* Weakness/Sluggishness
* Weight gain or increased difficulty losing weight
* Coarse, dry hair
* Dry, rough pale skin
* Hair loss
* Cold intolerance
* Muscle cramps and frequent muscle aches
* Constipation
* Depression
* Irritability
* Memory loss
* Abnormal menstrual cycles
* Decreased libido

As is apparent, the thyroid gland has a major influence on the overall health of the body. If you feel as though you are going through any indicators of hypothyroidism, it is crucial that you get into contact with your physician so that a remedy can be given.

Different Oral Cancer Screening Procedures


About 48,000 cases of oral cancer are reported in the United States of America every year.. Precious lives can be saved with early detection of oral cancer through different oral cancer screening procedures. This post briefly discusses different oral cancer screening procedures.

Procedures used for screening of oral cancers

Four oral cancer screenings are used for early detection of cancer. If lesions are seen in the mouth of the patient, below procedures can be used for detecting abnormal tissues that might become cancerous:

Brush biopsy

In these screening procedures, the removal of cells is done using a brush. The brush is precisely designed for collecting cells from all the layers of a lesion. All the collected cells are viewed under a microscope in order to find out if they are cancerous.

Exfoliative cytology

This screening procedure is used for the collection of cells from the oral cavity or the lip. For gently scraping cells from the lips, a piece of small wooden stick, cotton or brush is used in this screening procedure. To find out if they are abnormal, the cells are viewed under a microscope.

Fluorescence staining

In this screening procedure, collected cells are viewed using a special light. Normal tissues look different from abnormal tissues when viewed under the light with fluorescent mouth rinse.

Toluidine blue stain

In these oral cancer screenings, mouth of the patient is coated with a blue dye. Areas of the stain darker than others are more likely to be abnormal or cancerous cells.

Possible risks associated with oral cancer screening

Before having any screening test for detection of oral cancer, it is recommended that the patient must discuss the test with his/her doctor as not all the screening tests for oral cancer are helpful and some of them may involve inherent risks.

False-negative test results

False negative test results may appear to be normal even though oral cavity is present. So, false negative results may result in delayed medical care as it shows there is no cancer or abnormal cell when really it is.

Misdiagnosis can occur

For the purpose of diagnosing oral cancer, a biopsy procedure is recommended by cancer specialists. For checking the signs of cancer, tissues are removed from the oral cavity and viewed under advanced microscope.

False-positive test results

Results appear to be abnormal even though no cancer is present in the patient. It can cause anxiety and is usually followed by more screening/testing procedures such as biopsy.

Following A Prebiotic Diet For Digestive Health


Beneficial microflora in the gastrointestinal area of the body are important to digestive health. Not only do prebiotics increase the activity of lactic acid bacteria and bifidobacteria they increase the ability to absorb minerals and improve the immune system. As one of the newest fields of nutritional research it offers promising benefits for your immune system and heart.

Derived from carbohydrate fibers called oligosaccharides prebiotics stimulate the good bacterial growth to keep you healthy. These fibers can be found in such foods as fruit, whole grains, yogurt and whole grains. Yogurt also contains bifidobacteria which are known as fermentable fiber that is very beneficial as well. This fiber can protect the body against food poisoning.

Usually found naturally in foods and isolate from plants they can be taken as supplements. You can find them often added to processed foods and in yogurt. You can add the supplements to drinks, to foods or take them in a pill or capsule form.

The top raw foods to eat that contain prebiotics are bananas, wheat bran, onions, asparagus, chicory root, garlic, leek, and dandelion greens. Wheat flour and cooked onions are also good sources. Inulin is a type of prebiotic that can be found in 36,000 different plants and can be found in raw apple cider, apples, burdock root and if often added to dairy foods and baked goods.

Cholesterol and triglycerides levels have been lowered with the use of prebiotics. Inulin has reduced arteriosclerosis by 30%. Foods high in fiber are a particularly good source which include oatmeal, berries, and legumes. White blood cells are boosted and T cells. Osteoporosis and diabetes have been treated with prebiotics. Keep your body healthy, feed it the right things and you can maintain a balanced system.

You may see an increase in your bowel movements as your body cleanses itself and becomes used to the new levels of bacteria residing in your gut. The colon’s environment will become slightly acidic from the short chain fatty acids (SFCA’s that are products by the prebiotics as it reduces the hydrogen sulfide gas, they will be beneficial to the walls of the colon helping eliminate the effects of ulcerative colitis.

Mineral absorption increases and the immune system is enhanced. Intestinal irregularity, ulcerative colitis and colorectal cancer have all shown signs of reduction with a prebiotic diet. Early stage colon cancer has been shown to have been prevented and perhaps stopped from the effect of SFCA’s. But the treatment of disease is controversial but preliminary evidence has shown that prebiotics can improve antibiotic-related diarrhea, dysentery, gastroenteritis, and improve bowel functions.

Balancing your body with good bacteria, feeding your digestive system with the foods that help it help you is the path to staying healthy and feeling your best. Stress, drugs such as anti-biotics and a diet filled with processed foods and sugars as well as unhealthy lifestyles are all contributors to reducing the good bacteria in our guts. Eat the right foods and maintain a healthy balance.

Cancer Treatment – Get Medical Treatment for Prostate, Breast Cancer


medical treatment is improving rapidly. The uprising development of the science and technology, make the medical treatment easier than the previous age. It is now history, when disease are non curable. Or treatment is only registered for the upper class community of the society. Treatment is now affordable and more advanced than the previous era. There has been a massive explosion of life saving treatment in India, and also across the world.Also in the area of breast cancer treatment, many ways has come up and got a huge success.
Within few days, some latest discovery or invention in the world of medical treatment make huge success. And show a new way of success in this area. Doctors determine your breast cancer treatment on the basis of the type of breast cancer, and its stage. The cancer cells are sensitive or not? Also its depends on Overall health and patient’s own preference. The maximum number of patients chooses surgery for the breast cancer. Some are receive additional treatment, like, Chemotherapy, radiation, or hormone therapy.

Always it considers that to take an advice from other patients who already receive the treatment. Thus you will get little information about the surgery or other treatment process. There has a different type of surgery, such as, removing the breast cancer, removing the entire breast, removing one lymph node etc

Removing the breast cancer – It is called lumpectomy. During this surgery, surgeons remove the tumor and give a small margin of surrounding healthy tissue.

Removing the entire breast – It is called Mastectomy. In this simple surgery, the entire breast tissue removes from the body part.Removing one lymph node: This type of surgery is called as sentinel node biopsy. During this surgery, the effected lymph node removes by the doctor. Removes several lymph nodes, f the cancer is found in sentimental node; then surgeon removes additional lymph from the patient’s body part. Just like the breast cancer, heart disease is also very common disease among the present age people. Suffering from some heart disease is as common as morning bread butter.The term Heart disease generally refers to any disorder or condition of heart including hypertension, coronary heart disease, heart infection, cardiomyopathy and some other problem of heart.

The main reason of heart disease is consider the high cholesterol. And the symptoms are chest pain weakness etc.Now there are several heart disease treatment is developing with the development of advance technology and progressive research. Before the Treatment starts, there has to do a angiography, another one is cardiograph. After the report has come the treatment is starts to improve blood flow through your arteries. And the heart treatment is different types, such as angioplasty, angiotensin, bypass surgery, pacemaker install etc.

Prostate cancer is generally found among the older male person. This disease has some possible signs. And it is always advice to contact doctor during this problem. Prostate cancer treatment is also developing now days.To cure this problem, some tests and examination is always prescribed, such as DRE or digital rectal exam, prostate specific antigen test or PSA, biopsy, transected biopsy, and transected ultrasound.

The Best Snoring Remedies


People who snore can really be annoying bedmates, especially if you are a light sleeper. There are different causes as to why people snore, and all these reasons boil down to one conclusion, that is, people who snore can really be a hindrance to sleeping with them even, even to themselves, and snoring should be remedied as soon as possible so as not to cause any further complications.

Some of the most common causes of snoring are the following:

1. Obesity. Being obese or overweight contributes to the possibility of snoring since people who are obese have a more fleshy throat than those who are not. This causes blockage to the airway.

2. Excessive drinking of alcoholic beverages. Alcoholic beverages causes the muscles in the throat to over-relax, making them droop and block the airway. This causes snoring.

3. Smoking. This is because smoking would alter the cells in the throat, making it develop mucus and blocking the airway, hence, causing snoring.

4. Irregular sleep patterns. People who sleep at different hours are more prone to snoring than those who have a regular sleeping pattern.

5. Sleeping positions. People who sleep on their backs tend to snore more than those who aren’t. This is because the tongue becomes withdrawn, causing blockage to the throat.

6. Medical problems. Throat inflammation, goiter, tonsillitis, and the like would cause blockage to the throat.

The snoring remedies recommended are the following:

1. For people who are obese, they should lose weight. Not only would it minimize snoring, it would also be able to help them improve their overall health.

2. For people who are wont to abusing alcoholic beverages, they should avoid getting drunk before sleeping.

3. For people who are smoking, exerting efforts to quit would help reduce snoring and, more importantly, reduce the risk of developing diseases like cancer, heart disorders, emphysema, and the like.

4. For people who have irregular sleep patterns, they should get used to sleeping at regular hours.

5. For people who are used to sleeping on their backs, try to revert to other positions.

6. For people who have medical problems, particularly in the throat area, usually, surgery is the number one recommendations of doctors.

Other alternative snoring remedies are honey, nasal drops, and avoidance of eating or drinking dairy products before sleeping. If you really want to be able to get rid of your snoring habits or to help your loved ones stop snoring, make sure that you try to determine first what causes their snoring problems. Once you have it pinned down, try some of the snoring remedies mentioned above. They might be the solutions to your annoying snoring problems.

On Treating Lung Cancer In Nonsmokers


It is estimated that ten percent of diagnosed cases of lung cancer (LC) are found in people who have never smoked a cigarette. This is a startling fact for those who thought themselves safe from the disease simply because they have always been nonsmokers. In reality, they are susceptible (though, less so). It is worth noting that one in five women who have LC have never smoked. It is unclear, however, whether this is due to a predisposition to the disease or environmental factors.

There are many ways in which non-smoking men and women can develop the disease. This article will describe the most common risk factors. We’ll then discuss the different forms of treatment available, including chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgery.

Risk Factors And Potential Causes

Most people instinctively think the main cause of LC in nonsmokers is passive smoking (the inhalation of smoke expelled from other smokers). Passive smoking is responsible for nearly 3,000 deaths (due to lung cancer) each year. But other factors play a more significant role.

Radon gas is statistically more deadly than passive smoking. Approximately 20,000 victims succumb to it each year. The gas is produced by decaying uranium that lies in the soil. It seeps through cracks, pipes, and drains into people’s living quarters, exposing occupants. Those who smoke and are exposed to radon gas for prolonged periods are more likely to develop lung cancer than nonsmokers.

Air pollution has yet to be accepted as a known risk factor, but experts strongly suspect it increases the likelihood of developing the disease. It is thought to be responsible for nearly 2,000 deaths each year, though this is difficult to verify.

Asbestos is responsible for a rare form of LC called mesothelioma. The material was commonly used in building materials – including insulation – many years ago. Though it has been banned since 1989, it is still present in older structures.

Chemotherapy Through Oral And Intravenous Drugs

Lung cancer spreads when the diseased cells rapidly multiply. They metastasize outside the original site within the affected lung. At that point, local treatments (e.g. radiation therapy and surgery) are no longer sufficient for killing the cancerous cells. Chemotherapy is used as a systemic treatment.

Cytotoxic drugs are given orally or intravenously. The medications circulate through the body and target cells that divide more quickly than others. Chemotherapy is typically used as an adjunct to surgery, but may also be used by itself to prolong the patient’s life (in advanced cases).

Radiation Therapy For Killing Cancer Cells

As implied earlier, radiation therapy is used to target diseased cells in a specific location (as opposed to chemotherapy). The treatment uses x-rays to destroy parts of a cell’s DNA. Doing so will either kill the cell or stop it from dividing, which in turn prevents the cancer from spreading.

Treatment can either be done internally – called brachytherapy – or externally with a machine that directs high-powered x-rays. The latter approach is more common.

Surgery For Resolving Lung Cancer

If lung cancer is caught in its initial stages (prior to metastasis), surgery can be done to removed the diseased lung tissue. There are three main procedures. The difference between them is the amount of tissue removed.

A wedge resection is the removal of a small portion of diseased tissue along with a surrounding ring of healthy tissue. It is only done in the earliest stages.

A lobectomy is the removal of an entire lobe. Your right lung has three lobes and your left lung has two lobes. Both sides can function well following the removal of a lobe.

A pneumonectomy is the removal of an entire lung. This is typically done when the disease has spread throughout the organ. However, it is used as a last resort since removing the lung severely impairs your overall respiratory function.

In the past, most surgeries were performed by cutting directly into the chest and spreading the patient’s ribs. Today, the three surgeries described above – even a pneumonectomy – can be done with minimally invasive techniques. This, of course, assumes the pulmonary surgeon has received the proper training. Consult your physician to check whether this is the case.

The Importance Of Perfume


The perfume caters to our smell – olfactory sense. Our five senses are – touch, hearing, seeing, tasting and smelling. Corresponding to these are the five sense organs – the skin, the ears, the eyes, the tongue and the nostrils. Over and above these gross physical senses is another – the sixth sense that is something intangible which, leads to a feeling of wellbeing upon inhaling a delicate perfume.

In animals smell is very strong. The predators mark their territory with urine, which by the way each one has a distinctive odour. The pet in the house knows about our individual perfume more than we know ourselves. Perfumes have two functions, negative and positive. It covers up stale smell of sweat and on the other hand it exudes intoxicating fragrance.

Perfume is from Latin `per fume` meaning `through smoke`. It goes back 4000 years to Mesopotamia and Egypt before being improved upon by Romans and Arabs. In Europe it came in the 14th century. Hungary produced the first modern perfume in 1371. Renaissance Italy saw a burst of activity in perfume making. France became the centre of perfumes made from aromatic plants being grown from the 18th century in Grasse.

Man wants to pocket everything – from the diamond in dark caverns to pearls in ocean depths. The perfume is the victory of man over Nature – capturing the cream of her scent spread all around. The perfume is a mixture of oils, aroma and fixatives blended with solvents. The industry is shrouded in secrecy. Not everybody can understand the language of perfume making. Each perfume belongs to a family.

Perfume making starts with dilution of the oil with a solvent. Ethanol mixed with water is the most common solvent. Others are coconut oil, wax and jojoba. The increase or decrease of aromatic compounds relates to scent`s intensity and longevity. The amount of oil used varies from one perfume family to another.

From 1900 perfumes were categorized in groups – single floral, floral bouquet, ambery (admixture of scents from animals, flowers and woods), woody (mainly sandalwood and cedar), leather (honey, tobacco, wood and wood tars), chypre (cyprus) and fougere (fern).

Since 1945 perfumes have been divided into bright floral, green, oceanic, citrus and gourmand. From 1983 the fragrance-wheel is being used to simplify classification – floral, oriental, woody, fougere and fresh. Each are divided into subgroups.

Perfumes are metaphorically said to contain three musical notes – top, middle and base. Top notes are the scents that are immediately perceptible. Middle notes emerge after the first effect dissipates. The base note persists in combination with the middle after the top goes. Perfumes can be dissipated due to exposure to heat, light, oxygen etc.

The sources from which perfume is drawn are plants, animals and synthetic bases. Plants are the largest sources – its bark, fruits, flowers, leaves, twigs, roots, seeds and bulbs. In the animal world perfumes are extracted from whales, beavers, civets, honeybee and musk deer. Synthetic perfumes are cheaper but not quite so fine and delicate. In the case of the latter there are health risks connected to rashes, asthma and even cancer.

Perfume is extracted by soaking the raw material in a solvent for any length of time from few hours to months. In distillation the process of condensation is used, while in destructive-distillation method the raw stuff is heated directly. Squeezing and pressing are also common methods. Another method is absorbing the aroma in wax. Perfumes are part of industry and used for the food and chemical business.

The person who makes perfumes is known affectionately as The Nose. Next time you go to buy a bottle of perfume give a thought to the efforts that go behind creating that exquisite bottle for you!

Who Should Take Activella


There are approximately 45 million American experiencing menopause at this point of time. Healthcare professional believe that about 85% of these women might be suffering from hot flushes. Activella is prescribed to women during menopause. It helps them to maintain the estrogen level in the body and prevent hot flushes. Estrogen, which helps in keeping the bones strong, starts declining during the menopausal phase. This article will explore the benefits, side effects and precautions to be observed while taking this drug.

Benefits of Taking Activella

Activella is basically the combination of estrogen and progestin and is taken in a synthetic form. The medicine is known to ease symptoms, such as vaginal itching, burning sensation and also reduces the dryness. During menopause, some women may experience pain during urination. Taking this supplement can offer them some relief.

Another benefit or taking this supplement is that it prevents the risk of osteoporosis. The supplement maintains healthy bones and protects them from becoming weak or getting fractured easily.

Side effects of Activella
Since Activella interferes with the hormones, it can lead to certain side effects. Some of the common problems faced by women taking this supplement are as follows:VomitingNauseaSwollen hands and feetSkin pigmentationBreast tendernessWeaknessHeadacheSome of the major side effects of taking this supplement include dizziness, fainting and excess vaginal bleeding. In these cases the person should contact the doctor immediately.

Precautions Related to Activella

The synthetic estrogen used in Activella is known to increase the risk of uterine cancer. This is why progestin is used in the supplement so that it may reduce the risk to a certain extent. If the drug is taken in excess it can lead to breast cancer, hypersensitivity, genital bleeding and other similar problems.

The medicine should not be taken with any other medicines. So, before taking the estrogen supplement, one should seek the doctor’s advice and tell him about the medicines being taken alongside Activella. In case of any allergies, the patient needs to discuss them with the doctor before starting the medicine.

The patient should also take the medicine in the prescribed amount and should not continue taking it for a long time. An overdose can lead to nausea, vomiting and vaginal bleeding. Prolonged usage of the drug can trigger cancer and other fatal diseases and side effects.

Will You Opt For A Surgical Procedure? Or Harmless Gallstone Diet?


Do you know that there’s actually a eating regimen for gallstones? Most individuals are usually not conscious of such of thing because medical doctors don’t recommend changing your diet. However medical doctors do recommend a $ 15,000 surgery which will leave you lacking your organ and in debt. Thankfully, as research has advanced, we now know more regarding gallstones, dieting and treatment than we have ever before.

And studies are exhibiting how your food regimen has an influence on gallstone formation and gallstone flushing. If in case you have a gallbladder surgical procedure planned, you may wish to attempt a simple gallstones eating regimen which can save your life and 1000’s of bucks. (Individuals who remove their gallbladder are in greater danger of bowel and colon cancer.)

And all it takes is a few easy nutritional tips!

Your Eating regimen and Gallstones

Sadly, many people nonetheless don’t see the correlation between their food plan and their health. I lately read an article that gave 20+ diseases which overweight people are more susceptible to.

Nonetheless most docs are just as inexperienced concerning how whole body health can prevent and deal with various health conditions. As an illustration, the majority of kidney stones build up because of dehydration. And did you know that the most successful treatment or remedy for kidney stones is drinking loads of water each day. (An awesome example of a FREE natural remedy!)

In the case of gallstones, the physique can also deal with and pass them but you have to prioritize what you consume. As a result of your eating regimen impacts every facet of your well being, your nutrition plan can also flush your liver and gallbladder naturally.

Listed below are some suggestions your doctor should have suggested prior to surgery.

5 Dieting Suggestions for Gallstones

1. Analysis suggests that among the finest ways to prevent and deal with gallstones is to eat a diet wealthy in water soluble fibers. Fiber helps the intestines and digestive system function most effectively. Should you be unaware of fiber therapy, the next tips will help you.

2. Grains are extremely important for a nutritious diet for various factors. In the case of kidney stones, you ought to be eating plenty of grains. Listed below are some nice recommendations: whole grain breads, buns, bagels, muffins, bran flakes, corn bran cereals, whole wheat cereals, brown rice and whole grain pastas. This can flush your system and you’ll notice more journeys to the toilet. You should stay away from any grains which have ‘enriched’ included in the ingredients.

3. As acknowledged earlier, water soluble fiber is extraordinarily necessary for flushing your organs. Water soluble fiber is just a term for fruits and veggies. Listed here are a few solutions which will help keep your physique flushed. Dried fruits (apricots, dates, prunes, raisins), blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and oranges.

4. For vegetables it is best to try to eat broccoli, dried peas, kidney beans, lima beans, green beans, and corn. As suggested by the Food Guide Pyramid, you need to eat 3-5 portions of veggies a day and 2 to 4 servings of fruit.

5. You should also educate yourself on what foods will cause a gallstone attack. Here is a quick list it’s possible you’ll want to memorize: eggs, pork, onions, alcohol, fried and fatty foods, salty foods, heavy proteins, cow’s milk, processed foods and excessive sugars.

Casting Some Light On Fashion Shades


Sunglasses are without doubt one of the more practical fashion items that we wear on a regular basis. Not only do sunglasses save our eyes from solar rays and protect from the glare of the sun, they also look great.

Sunglasses come in a number of of designs and looks, and are known by countless different names. To name just a few: Speks, shades, sunnies, cheaters, Bonos and tints.

A pair of sunglasses can be purchased for just a few bucks or for as much as hundreds of dollars. However, you should be able to buy a quality pair of sunglasses for under $ 100.

Sunglasses are very popular for outdoor pursuits where there is lengthy exposure to the sun’s rays, such as kite-surfing, going to the beach, or snowboarding. Before making a purchase, you should make sure that the sunglasses shield you from ultra-violet (UV) light, which could cause potential eye problems such as snow blindness, cataracts or eye cancer.

For people who use standard spectacles to improve their vision, it is common to use prescription sunglasses that give all the advantages of a normal pair of eye glasses and also help allow protection from the sun. Another popular solution to this problem is to use shaded lenses that flip down over the prescription lenses when needed.

Like most fashion items, sunglasses can be bought in a number of shapes and sizes. Here are some of the more trendy sunglass designs that can be bought on the high street:

Aviators – These have been popular since initially released by Ray-Ban in 1936 for military personnel. They consist of two teardrop lenses mounted in a narrow metal frame.

Wrap-around – Wrap-around sunglasses consist of one lens which covers both eyes and wraps around the side of the head. They offer excellent protection from the sun and are particularly popular among extreme sports enthusiasts.

Mirrorshades – This refers to the reflective coating on the lenses of certain pairs of sunglasses. It can be used on any kind of sunglasses, but is particularly popular on aviator and wrap-around styles.

Teashades – Think Liam Gallagher or Mick Jagger. Perhaps not so fashionable today, these sunglasses, with two circular lenses set in a thin wire frame, were all the rage in the 1960s and seventies.

Wayfarers – Another classic look. Wayfarers were first introduced by Ray-Ban in the ’50s. The lenses are slightly wider at the top than at the bottom and they have thick black plastic frames. Wayfarers were famously worn by Hollywood star James Dean.

As well as protecting the eyes from sunlight and being popular as a fashion item, shades can also have other practical uses. They are sometimes used to hide the eyes to mask the signs of mourning, crying or to make eye contact difficult. In addition, it is not uncommon for people to wear sunglasses inside or at night for that extra ‘cool factor’.