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These Terms of Use covering PrivateSpaceOnline software, web site and services, whether provided for free or on a paid subscription basis (collectively referred as Services), is a collective legal agreement between the person who accepted it (collectively referred as Client); PrivateSpace LLC, a California-based US company, its suppliers and contractors (collectively referred as PrivateSpace); and all other Entities who accepted these Terms of Use (collectively referred as Other Clients).

By clicking on the checkbox indicating the acceptance of these Terms of Use or otherwise using the Services, you, as a Client, legally acknowledge that you have fully read, understood, and accepted these Terms of Use.

1. Description of Services

PrivateSpaceOnline provides its Clients with the capability to upload, store and manage information about him or her, or about other people or organizations whom he or she may know (collectively referred as Contacts), and to publish some information about him/herself for some of these Contacts.

2. Anonymity of Services

The Client is entitled to access, edit, manage, and delete his/her information, as well as to benefits from the other rights granted by these Terms of Use, only if PrivateSpace can properly identify him/her by means of his/her Account Number or username, and password. The Client is not entitled for any benefits granted by these Terms of Use based on any other form of authentication. The Client is solely responsible for preserving and maintaining the confidentiality of his/her authentication information.

3. Sharing Restrictions

The Client agrees not to share in any form any information that any Other Client published for him/her using the Services and that is not a matter of public knowledge with any third parties or Other Clients without the consent of this Other Client, unless required otherwise by law or legal order. The Client accepts full liability for any damages such sharing may cause to the Other Client, and the liability shall be to this Other Client only.

The Client agrees not to use the Services for any activities that would be considered illegal under the current Law of the State of California or Federal Law of the United States. If we have a reasonable suspicion that you are using our site for any serious criminal activities, such as child pornography, homicide, terrorism, activities related to violating freedom, privacy or other fundamental rights of others, whether considered criminal or not, we may take the decision to investigate ourselves the content of your Account. In case we find this suspicion to be true, we may contact the corresponding US or other countries’ authorities without notifying you about this. We reserve the right to deny you using our site or to destroy your Account at no reason and at any time if we reasonably believe that you may have been or may become involved in any such activities in the future.

PrivateSpace will make it best commercially reasonable effort not to share the information uploaded by a Client, or other personally-identifiable information that it may collect about the Client, with any third parties, unless explicitly requested to do so by the Client through PrivateSpaceOnline User Interface, or until compelled to do so by a legal order issued by the empowered US authorities.

4. Limitations related to the people under the age of 13

The Client agrees not to use the Services if he/she is under the age of 13 or for the purpose of soliciting or collecting any information from/about people under the age of 13.

5. Agreement Termination

The Client can stop using the Services and destroy any or all of his/her Accounts at any time and at no reason through “Settings” -> “Destroy Account” menu. PrivateSpace may destroy or terminate any of Client’s non-premium Accounts at any time and at no reason. PrivateSpace automatically deletes all Accounts with all information associated with them in case the Client does not log in to these Accounts within three months since the expiration of the premium subscription (if any).

6. Information Ownership and Removal

Any information uploaded by the Client to PrivateSpaceOnline web site remains the property of the Client who uploaded it or the property of the original owner, unless explicitly stated otherwise. The Client can remove or (if unable) request removal of any portion of such information at any time. PrivateSpace will remove this information from the working instance of its servers within one hour since it processes the Client’s request, unless explicitly required otherwise by a legal order issued by the empowered US authorities. The deleted information may stay, however, for a longer period in the corresponding backups governed by PrivateSpace Privacy Policy. By accepting these Terms of Use, the Client also agrees to this Privacy Policy.

PrivateSpace accepts no liability for the damages resulting from its occasional inability to delete the Client’s information from the working instance of its servers or from any of its backups within the aforementioned timeframe; or from its inability to delete this information from the servers or backups of its hosting provider.

7. Limitation of Liability

In no event shall PrivateSpace, its contractors or suppliers be liable for any consequential, incidental, indirect, special, punitive, or other damages whatsoever; for damages for loss of business profits, business interruption, computer failure, loss of business information; for damages that may result from penetration of its security systems by hackers, terrorists, governments, criminals or other unauthorized third parties; for pecuniary loss arising out of these Terms of Use, or the use of or inability to use the Services, or even if PrivateSpace has been advised of the possibility of such damages. The Clients’ sole and exclusive remedy for any dispute with PrivateSpace related to these Terms of Use or the Services shall be termination of use of the Services. In the event a court awards direct damages despite the foregoing, such damages shall not exceed the lesser of $20.00 or the amount you paid for the Services. The Client is not allowed to use the Services if his/her country/state/jurisdiction does not allow the aforementioned exclusion or limitation of liability for consequential or incidental damages. The Client agrees to hold harmless, indemnify and defend PrivateSpace, its officers, contractors, directors and employees, from and against any losses, damages, fines and expenses (including attorneys’ fees and costs) arising out of or relating to any claims that the Client might have (i) used the Services in violation of another party’s rights or in violation of any law, or (ii) violated these Terms of Use.

8. Changes to the Terms of Use

PrivateSpace may modify these Terms of Use in any way and at any time. PrivateSpace notifies its Clients of any changes in Terms of Use via a message sent to Clients’ PrivateSpaceOnline Inbox. Additionally, the Client may request the notifications to be sent to his/her e-mail address through “Settings” -> “Notify Me” menu. If the Clients does not agree with the new version of Terms of Use, he/she should terminate using the Services and destroy all his/her Accounts through “Settings” -> “Destroy Account” menu.

9. Governing Law

The Client agrees that these Terms of Use shall be governed by the Law of the State of California and Federal Law of the United States and are subject to jurisdiction of state and federal courts sitting in the State of California until any of the provisions of these Terms of Use are held by a state or federal courts sitting in the State of California or other tribunal of competent jurisdiction in the United States to be illegal, invalid, or unenforceable. In such event: (i) such provisions shall be limited or eliminated to the minimum extent so that these Terms of Use shall remain in full force and effect in the State of California, (ii) such provisions shall remain in full force and effect in case they will be held legal, valid, and enforceable by a state or federal court sitting in the State of California or other tribunal of competent jurisdiction in the United States at any point of time in the future, (iii) such provisions shall remain in full force and effect in any and all other jurisdictions in any and all countries in the world both now and at any point of time in the future, and (iv) these Terms of Use may, at the sole discretion of PrivateSpace, become governed by the laws of any other state or country in the world both now and in any point of time in the future, where all its provisions would be held legal, valid, and enforceable, and, thus, would remain in full force and effect. The failure to enforce either parties’ rights under these Terms of Use at any time for any period and in any country in the world shall not be construed as a waiver of such rights or any other right mentioned in these Terms of Use. These Terms of Use will not be governed by the United Nations Convention of Contracts for the International Sale of Goods, the application of which is hereby expressly excluded. To the extent that you have breached or have indicated your intention to breach these Terms of Use in any manner which violates or may violate PrivateSpace intellectual property rights, or may cause continuing or irreparable harm to PrivateSpace (including, but not limited to, any breach that may impact PrivateSpace intellectual property rights, or a breach by reverse engineering), PrivateSpace may seek injunctive relief, or any other appropriate relief, in any court of competent jurisdiction.

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Kenya helicopter crashes; push into somalia begins


Recent News

• Central Africa is rights black hole, says Amnesty (Oct 20, 2011)

• Mali presidential vote, referendum fixed for April 29 (Oct 19, 2011)

• Cummins, Ponting lead Aussies to rain-hit triumph (Oct 19, 2011)

• Ex-warlord wants large slice of power from Liberia’s Sirleaf (Oct 19, 2011)

• Ponting sets South Africa tough target (Oct 19, 2011)

• US, Nigeria sign .5 billion electricity financing deal (Oct 19, 2011)

• Ivory Coast needs more funds for recovery, says UN (Oct 19, 2011)

• Stomach this: Nigerians wait for actor’s bowel movements (Oct 19, 2011)

• Tension mounts in Tunisia ahead of first Arab Spring vote (Oct 19, 2011)

• Bono urges continued Africa aid despite economic crisis (Oct 19, 2011)

• South Sudan aims to weed out ‘rogue’ staff in ministries (Oct 19, 2011)

• Rain halts Australia at 96 for one (Oct 19, 2011)

• Global Fund suspends $28m AIDS grant in Mali (Oct 19, 2011)

• French hostage taken from Kenya to Somalia dies (Oct 19, 2011)

• Australia bat in first S. Africa one-dayer (Oct 19, 2011)

• Kenyan jets pound Shebab positions in Somalia (Oct 19, 2011)

• Zimbabwe ‘needs $220mn for votes, referendum’ (Oct 19, 2011)

• IMF sees growth for African economies (Oct 19, 2011)

• 1 more UN worker dies after Aug. Nigeria HQ blast (Oct 19, 2011)

• Fierce battle under way to crush last Kadhafi holdout (Oct 19, 2011)

• E. Guinea leader sends playboy son to UNESCO (Oct 19, 2011)

• Kenya: Somali militant attacks hurting economy (Oct 19, 2011)

• Mogadishu roadside bomb injures two: witness (Oct 19, 2011)

• 2nd plane crashes in Botswana’s Okavango Delta (Oct 19, 2011)

• “I will not lose” presidential vote: DR Congo’s Kabila (Oct 19, 2011)

Titanium muscle gain tm muscle gainer 3 months supply, professional and recreational muscle building, body building


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What may occur if plastic surgery gone wrong


What May Occur If Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

People from all backgrounds at some points in life like to explore the world of cosmetic surgery, but when they read things about plastic surgery gone wrong, conditions swiftly change. There are numerous people that have gone under the knife to look better simply to get damaged emotionally and physically for no obvious reason. If you or somebody you know is thinking of going under, look into the following three bad signs that can take place after the surgical procedures have been done. The outcomes might shock you.

Implants Leak – One of the most awful things that can occur for a young lady is to have her breast implants leak. One of the most awful things to have go wrong is when saline solution or silicone bleeds through the implant and makes contact with the skin and bloodstream of a woman’s chest. This kind of pain is not something that most women want, and expect when they undergo breast augmentation.

Neuronal Damage – Among various stories of plastic surgery gone wrong are reports of nerve damage that is permanent. The damage can be subtle, but it can cause a plethora of consequences that will leave an individual scarred for life. This is particularly true for those that are getting facial work done. As there are numerous nerve endings in the face, lots of people have suffered from a variety of disorders related to damage of the upper nerves.

Scars – The worst thing about going under, and something which is clearly noticeable in pictures of plastic Surgery Gone Wrong is the scar tissue that can build up. Not only can this appear in the abdomen, but also in breasts, and liposuction regions of the body. The harshness of the surgeries can leave the body fragile and brittle, which is not a proper side-effect of elective operations.

The above three things are simply a sampling of things that can be seen as plastic surgery gone wrong. Before you or someone you know goes under any kind of elective procedure, it should be taken into full consideration that there are problems that can be associated getting work done. Whether it’s done by a professional or not is irrelevant, because there are some people that can have unwanted effects, no matter whom the surgeon is. When uncertain, look at all the information available for various routine choices, and see what can go wrong, and why it’s best to just leave things alone.

Precisely What Happened This Time To Steven Tyler Plastic Surgery Treatment?
Beauty and cosmetics were invented back during the times of the Egyptians; with their black eyeliners that gave them mystic-looking eyes and gold body makeup that made them glitter like gods and goddesses.

Which Anti Aging Creme Is Best For My Skin?
Rather than just believing the pretty celebrity on TV that says “Use this Product, It Works!” — why not try learning a bit about the science behind the best wrinkle creams.

How To Remove Wrinkles Under Eyes
There are a lot of people who believe that making life changes — better diet, less sun exposure, giving up smoking, and just taking better care of their skin — is the best and most effective way to get rid of eye wrinkles.

Facial Wrinkle Cream – How You Can Conceal Telltale Signs Of Aging
Can facial wrinkle cream really get rid of face wrinkles and make a person look decades younger? Yes! But, the more important question is, WILL a anti wrinkle face cream cream make a person look decades younger?

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WOW! Spring Training is exciting!!!

I’ve been fortunate to meet with several MLB players and coaches this 2009 spring training season. One of the things that’s been on the forefront of their minds is NSF “Certified For Sport” products…WELL!!!

Keep your eyes peeled for gHP Sport and MLB to partner up! With all the problems that have plagued Major League Baseball over the past several years, they’re looking for NSF “Certified For Sport” products to help “clean” up the bad publicity.

What is NSF “Certified For Sport” products and why are they important?

In a nutshell, “Certified For Sport” products are products that are clean from anything on the banned substance list. Professional athletes know they can take these products and feel safe about keeping their contracts in tact. Also, if you read my post on “Vitamins” I mention the fact that a large percentage of supplements can and do have fillers. NOT good for getting your money’s worth. One of the criteria with NSF “Certified For Sport” products are the contents are within a 1% variance from what it says on the label. So, if you’re looking for supplements that are EXACTLY what they claim to be, in other words, what’s on the label is what’s in the bottle…look for the NSF “Certified For Sport” label!

Take a look at the logo in the bottom left hand corner of Jason Bartlett’s testimonial:

SomaLife gHP Sport

More and more teams and players are turning to gHP Sport for their supplement needs. Even if your not a professional ball player, you can feel like one!

7 Key Benefits of Flagship Series

  • Increased Energy – Outlook and Mood
  • Improved Sleep
  • Strengthened Immune System
  • Whole Body Healing
  • Integrity of Organ and Cell Health
  • Accelerated Wellness and Recovery
  • Age Management

Experience this amazing product, SomaLife gHP Sport for yourself!

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Jim cavanagh – century 21 jim cavanagh

Lot Size: 
Approx. Sq. Ft.:  not available
Total Rooms:  12
Bedrooms:  6
Bathrooms:  2.1
Basement:  Yes
Age:  87 year(s) old
Parking:  1 Car
2 Car Garage
Garage Door Opener(S) (Auto)
Taxes:  508.75monthly, as of 2004
School Districts
Grade: 91 (Garfie)
Junior High: 91
High: 209
Comments: This Is It. Absolutely Gorgeous Brick 2 Flat In Best Forest Park Location. Extra Spacious Units with 3 Bedrooms Each. Lovely Maple Cabinet Kitchens with Stainless Steel Appliances. Beautiful Hdwd Floors Thruout with Unique Inlays On 1st. Nice Ceramic Tile Baths&Fin;’D Bsmt with Extra 1/2 Bath. Tons Of Parking. 3 Garage&More; Spaces. Newer Mechanicals&Sep; Util. . .

Interior Information
Room Dimensions Level Flooring  

Other Details
Roof no info   Attic no info
Driveway no info   Exterior Type Aluminum/Vinyl/Steel Siding, Brick
Basement Full, Partially Finished   Foundation no info
Heating Gas, Forced Air, 2 or More Heat Systems   A/C no info
Electric no info  
Appliances no info   Equipment Ceiling Fan

Outside no info
Sewer Sewer-Public
Water Lake Michigan

60130 in Forest Park, IL


in 2000 15061
Growth (2005) -3.1%
County Growth (2005) 1.2%
Growth (by 2010) -4.9%
County Growth (by 2010) 1.6%


Median Age 35.5
Household Size 1.9
with Children 48.7%


Household $45,669
County $47,686
State $58,765


Blue/White Collar 36.1%/63.9%
County 41.8%/58.2%
Unemployment 2.9%
County 5.3%

Crime Risk Index

100 is the National Index

Personal 92
County 237
Property 121
County 132

information gathered and derived from public sources