Its A UV Cover Up! Shade Sails Suspected


Our goal to protect ourselves from the harmful rays of the sun is huge, Australians are most at risk. Aussies are number one in the world for skin cancer conditions. The need for shade sails came, to prevent the UV rays. Shade sails were invented from the sails on ships which were just anchored down from eye holes in the corner of the sails.

This day and age the shade sails have been created for protection against not only the harsh sun, but other kinds of weather. In the noon its when the sun is at its most intense and skin cancer is at its peak. These harmful effects are due to the time of the day where there is increased UV rays.

What is important to remember and get our heads around are Ultra violet Protection Factor or UPF. This is the rating they use and helps to give a gauge of materials to protect skin from Ultra Violet Rays and prevent skin cancer. So if the protection factor gets stronger we will have increased protection against those nasty Ultra Violet Rays.

Are you one of those do it yourself kind of people. Its time to take on putting up a shade sail. You can follow simple instructions to installing a shade sail that will add loads of character to your home. This is what you will need:

Tarp Thread, Sewing Machine, Three metal poles, Water, A tape measure, Cement mix, Scissors, Canvas,Coupling hardware, Rope, Post hole digger

Grab your sewing machine to and sew the hems to stop the fraying. Grab your tape measure and work out the coverage of canvas you require. Your best bet is to obviously measure that area the shade sail will be covering

2nd thing You need to do is get digging 3 holes for your poles. Before you start to cement your holes, make sure your they are in straight and firm and it will set.

Make sure thirdly you have the couplings to install onto the poles.

The fourth thing to do is running a rope at the edge of the corners to the couplings. Now all you do is hoist the canvas, and pay attention to the canvas and keep it taut and then securely fasten the rope to the poles.

Construction of a shade sail can be abit much and you want to outsource then there are such companies like..JKE Shade Pty Ltd. They deal in commercial grade shade cloth. JKE Shade has a range of DIY kits for the Pool, Entertainment areas and anywhere in the yard. JKE’s most popular colors are slate, sand and yellow. The shade sails are so effective that only 1% of UV Radiation can get through. There is a wide range of colours to choose from to colour match anything you have in your yard.

JKE Shade truly has a size to fit your needs, whether it is from a carport to large section of your yard. They put a great deal of time and pride in developing the best shades sails for your protection. After all, you do not need or want to suffer from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

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