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Major surgery? I’m prepared

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admin 8 February, 2010

In the beginning, when I was thinking about the name for this blog I came up with DUCK, DUCK, GOOSE, but didn’t want it to end up on a poultry Web site. But seriously, those words explain perfectly how I feel about life recently. For the recent few months, I’ve been collecting all my ‘ducks’ to be prepared for Urohunocological/rectal surgery; or as I like to name it “fixing the everything falling out old lady” surgery. So when I gather all those ducks, all tests and exams, I will get my goose and have this surgery. The abdominal surgery is going to put everything back to its’ place, especially considering my history of relapsing polychondritis and prednisone use over the years as a some sort of wires that were trying to hold every part at place.
Ok, so let’s put everything together, firstly I had cardiac stress test to ensure that everything is all right with my old ticker. Well it seems to be working just find and improves after my cardiac ablation procedure which changed the rhythm of my heart about three years ago. Next was endoscope and colonoscopy procedure to exam my gastrointestinal system. There were a few problems, such as H. Pylori bacteria, but I get treatment for it. Yesterday they tested my bladder by filling the bladder then made me cough, recline then stand to see what shape the bladder was in. There were many tubes, catheters and wires stuck in me. My bladder was also checked to see how it held urine. I think everything went all right, without any problems or ‘accidents’.
Okay, what’s more… I’ve had to put away my methotrexate for a few weeks. I’ve had some blood work and I’ve decided to stop supplements I’m taking that elongate bleeding times such the Omega 3 oils. I was wondering if any of my meds may do the same, but my doctor checked them and said they are okay. I also checked the infection rate at the great hospital in Portland, where I’m going to be in. And was satisfied with finding out the infection is a worry during any operation today.
At home, I’m trying to do more stretching than I usual do, strengthen the abdominal muscles and preparing to get some extra rest. I’m looking through all bills, and other financial stuff to leave my home in perfect order. I’m going to put all my recent medical history in one, let’s say just in case. Then I will meet with my lawyer to update my last will. No, I’m just kidding, I’m not thinking like this, but it seems reasonable thing to do. Okay, so that’s everything for now. See you soon.

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