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Optimum way to treat a cold sore is when it continues to be a tingle. Recognizing the warning signs of a cold sore is key to preventing them. Early remedy the most effective way to speed up healing time and shorten the duration of the symptoms of cold sore. Does Abreva medicine for cold sores help?

Rubbing a wet tea bag during the sores or ulcers is really a home remedy that guide soothe the herpes problem. Black tea bags contain strong anti-inflammatory and antiviral qualities. To use this remedy, a tea bag should be soaked within a cup of warm water for a good number of of models. The wet tea bag should then be rubbed slowly over the area of the herpes issues. A warm tea compress, i actually.e. a soft cotton cloth soaked in black tea, in addition be be utilized. The inflammation along with herpes can be reduced this way.

Another great treatment that is all natural for fever blisters is lemon balm. It is known to put together antiviral properties and studies have shown that using creams consist of lemon balm in them can make it easier to heal blisters much faster. When you use it regularly, not only can it help to get rid of cold sores, but it surely may even be able aid prevent them also.

Now for prescription medications I think zovirax and Cyclovir are what most M.D.’s would prescribe additionally certainly seem to help. My experience been recently its with regards to reducing principal symptom and which usually is done only after the virus becomes fast paced.

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You can find how decrease cold sores even at in the contentment of your house. You needs ice cubes to reduce the swelling – just rub a cube gently around sores with the few occasions. You can do this every 10 mins for around one time.

Herpes simplex virus doesn’t like chilly. Performing rapidly with the ice is definitely an easy and proven way many cold sore victims use prevent cold sores and fever blisters.

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