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  • SVG Implementations   – Comparative list of SVG viewers, editors, convertors, and server-side generators from the W3 Consortium.
  • Adobe SVG Plugin – Free browser plugin for viewing SVG images within webpages.
  • Black Dirt SVG – Java implementation of SVG, with converter from Windows Metafile format.
  • Celinea – CR2V is a raster to vector image converter that exports to PostScript and to scalable vector graphics (SVG).
  • Corel’s SVG page – Download of beta SVG export filter for Corel Draw
  • CSIRO SVG Toolkit – Contains an SVG viewer, an implementation of the SVG DOM (conforming to Document Object Model Level 2) and a utility for rendering an SVG document into various image formats. Requires Java 1.2 or higher. [BSD-style license]
  • eNetzwerk JPG to SVG Online Converter – Provides online service to convert jpg files so they can be embedded directly into a xml file without an external link.
  • Gardos Software – Offers gsDXF2SVG, an ActiveX DLL (beta version) that converts DXF files to SVG.
  • IBM alphaWorks: SVGView – Prototype Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) viewer.
  • Ionic SVG Renderer – An online SVG viewer intended for mapping and GIS applications.
  • Jasc Software – Offers Jasc Trajectory Pro, a native SVG graphics and animation editor.
  • Mayura Draw – A drawing program for Windows 95/NT that can create SVG files.
  • Real-Draw Pro – Media Chance offers an editor that provides vector, 2D, 3D and bitmap editing, including SVG editing and export.
  • Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) in Mozilla – Project to add SVG support to the Mozilla browser family.
  • Sketch – Interactive drawing program based on Python.
  • SVG in Gnome – Gnome implementation of SVG, including Gill, the Gnome Illustration application.
  • SVG Reader provider – The most widely use SVG Reader provider.
  • SVG software libraries in Java – Offers free/opensource SVG software libraries in the Java programming language
  • SVG Viewer – A simple viewer in Java 1.2 from Japan.
  • SVGFont – A Java application from Steady State Software that converts TrueType fonts to SVG font definitions.
  • SVGmaker – Shareware printer driver for Windows systems, that allows the user to generate SVG by printing from any application.


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Virtual events & meetings » latest virtualization technology news


How Are Virtual Meetings Used In The Workplace Today?

Work has been given a new paradigm to consider. Employees are now being given the ability to work anytime, anywhere, in both real space or within cyberspace. For a large quantity of employers, the virtual workplace, a place where employees are able to work remotely, away from managers and each other, has become an overwhelming reality. Indications are being made that virtual workplaces are going to become more prevalent in the near future.

Virtual environments showcase a drastic change in the way that the modern day adult works. It presents opportunities and challenges for many professions across the globe. One of the most prevalent challenges that virtual work arrangements present is the separation of workers from their managers. Many managers are having to question how they can manage a team of employees that they cannot physically see.

Technology: The Virtual Employee Enabler

Where the modern day adult works, and when they work, is being revolutionized by the internet. Communication with others is being done through means of electronics, email, voicemails, laptops, and cellular phones, are providing ways for employees to keep in touch with their employers. The problem is, work is not only becoming a seamless task, where directions can be given through many mediums, and it is also becoming an endless task that takes up an entire twenty four hour period. In order for a virtual office environment to be viable it must:

  • Provide materials that can be either printed or downloaded
  • Have databases that are accessible to customer from remote locations
  • Contain well-indexed files that are easily accessible from remote locales
  • Track the locations of virtual workers efficiently

Virtual Meetings Connect Remote Employees

The global economy has forced many large corporations to take a virtual approach. Virtual meetings are used in many different ways within the present workplace. They can be beneficial to employees that still work within the typical brick and mortar office buildings, as well as to employees that have the luxury of being able to telecommute.

Virtual meetings are used to:

  • Connect employers and employees who are in different locales together
  • Announce new product enhancements
  • Introduce new employees to the present business they will be working in
  • Market to potential clients

Connect Employers and Employees Who Are In Different Locales Together

In the past, the only way to obtain employment at a specific organization, was to work within the hiring organization. Now, due to the impact that technology has had on the world, this is no longer a factor. Virtual meetings are held to allow employers and employees the ability to still interact amongst each other, without having destination limitations.

Announce New Product Enhancements

Larger businesses that have offices that span throughout the United States and other countries, have a difficult time keeping all of their offices on the same key when it comes to new product enhancements. To create a sense of union amongst offices, organizations may choose to host virtual meetings. This way, they only need to give directions once about a particular new feature, as opposed to having to describe the new addition over and over again.

Introduce New Employees To The Present Business They Will Be Working In

Most workers have never sat down and spoke with the CEO of the company that they work for. The reason is because most chief operating officers do not work in the same buildings as their employees. With virtual meetings, employees are able to obtain a personal welcome to the company from the lead individual who is in charge of the operation. This is not something that was able to happen every day, prior to the launch of virtual meetings.

Market To Potential Clients

Businesses need to be able to spread their brands influence, in order to have a prosperous business. In some cases, the audience that a business is trying to attract may not be located nearby. Virtual meetings give organizations the ability to attract their target audiences to their brand, regardless of where their location is.

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Khilaaf xoog leh oo soo wajahay Madxweyne C/qaasim
Kaddib markii uu madaxweynaha Dowladda KMG ah uu shaaciyey in la bedelay Guddoomiyihii Gobolka Banaadir iyo Duqa magaalada Muqdisho Cali Ugaas C/lle iyo C/llaahi Muuse Xuseen laguna bedelay Muuse Xuseen Cumar oo lagu bedelay Cali Ugaas iyo Xuseen Cali Axmed oo isagana bedelaya Duqa magaalada Muqdisho ayaa waxaa soo baxay naqdin iyo dabaaqtan ay sameynayaan mas’uuliyiin sar sare oo u ka soo jeeda beesha ay ka soo wada jeedaan xubnaha cusub iyo kuwa xilka laga qaadayba. Wasiirka Arrimaha gudaha ee xukuumaddii kalsoonida lagala laabtay Daahir Dayax ayaa soo saaray weerto uu ku amrayo xubnihii hore u hayey xilkaasi in ay sii wataan howshooda, “anigu waa isugu key mid labadii la bedelay iyo labadii la magacaabay hase yeeshee la igalama tashan magacaabidooda, taasina waxay ka dhigan tahay ku xadgudubka sharciga” ayuu yiri Daahir Dayax oo intaasi raaciyey “anigu markii ugu horeysay waxaan ka maqlay warbaahinta waxayna ahay arrinta uu C/qaasim sameeyey arrin qalad ah markaasi kaddib waxay wasaaradeydu ku dhaqaaqday in ay ku wargeliso mas’uuliyiinta xilka laga qaaday in aanay jirin cid xilka ka qaadi karta isla markaana ay howshooda halkoodii ka sii wadan karaan”. Wuxuu kaloo sheegay in uusan diideyn in xil laga qaado isla markaana qof kale loo dhiibo balse uu ka biyo diidsan yahay in wax loo marin habaabiyo si aan sharciga waafaqsaneyn isagooiska diiday in uu jira wax khilaaf ah oo u dhexeeya isaga iyo C/qaasim, mar la weydiiyey Daahir Dayax sababta dhalisay xilligan khilaafka, “ma jirto wax khilaaf ah, haddii sharciyan aniga la ii tuso in arrinta lagu magacaabay xubnahaa ay sharci tahay, waan qaadanayaa, haddii aysan sharci ku fadhiyina waa in teyda la qaataa” ayuu yiri. Dhanka kalena shir ay shalay isugu yimaadeen xubaha waaweyn ee beesha Muddulood kaga jira dowladda KMG ah loogana hadlayey xil ka qaadista lagu sameeyey Guddoomiyihii Gobolka Banaadir iyo Duqa magaalada Muqdisho ayaa dood dheer iyo falanqeyn ay go’aan ku gaareen mas’uuliyiinta beeshaasi in la qaadaco go’aanka C/qaasim Salaad oo ay ku tilmaameen in uu yahay mid xilkasnimo darro ah waxayna ku eedeeyeen in uu ku tuntay sharciga isla markaana uu meel ka dhac ku sameeyey beeshaasi oo uusan wax la tashi ah la sameynin. Arrintan oo xurguf siyaasadeed kaga dhigan madaxweyne C/qaasim ayaa keentay in si deg-deg ah wax looga qabto, waxaana guddi ay xubnaha Dowlada KMG ah ee beesha Muddulood ay magacaabeen in la kulmaan C/qaasim kala xaajoodaan amuurtaasi, waxaana la filayaa in ay labada dhinac shir ka yeeshaan arrintaasi isla caawo lagana doodo khilaafka. Dhanka kalena Cusmaan Xasan Cali “Caato” oo iska ka tiran hogaamiye kooxeedyada ka soo hor jeeda Dowladda KMG ah ayaa isna ka hadlay arrinta xil ka qaadista Cali Ugaas iyo C/llaahi Muuse wuxuuna sheegay in uu ka soo hor jeedo in xilka laga qaado Cali Ugaas C/lle, waayo ayuu yiri waa ninka keliya ee wax muuqada ka qabtay magaalada Muqdisho.


Falmouth district court


Posted at March 29, 2010

Falmouth District Court

Text Size: A | A | APrint this ArticleEmail this Article

March 29, 2010

In justice Tuesday:


COOK, Nicholas A., 26, Plymouth; shoplifting by concealing merchandise, Jan. seventeen in Bourne, discharged on remuneration of $50 justice cost.

DONELAN, Brian B., 47, 70 Menauhant Road, East Falmouth; handling the engine car whilst underneath the change of ethanol third offense, Feb. twenty-eight in Mashpee, guilty, 6 months in Barnstable County Correctional Facility, committed; pushing to endanger, dismissed; pushing with permit dangling for OUI, guilty, 60 days in correctional facility, point with on top of sentence, committed; possessing open enclosure of ethanol in engine vehicle, not responsible.

GAGNER, Jennifer, 40, P.O. Box 667, Bourne; juror unwell to offer when summoned as grand or conference juror, Sept. 12, 2005, in Falmouth, dismissed.

HICKS, Warren H. Jr., 48, twenty-three Homestead Lane, East Falmouth; conspiring to violate drug law, distributing cocaine, Jan. 27, 2009, in Falmouth, dismissed, repairs of $929.

HOCKENBERRY, Lauren A., 44, 1 Lafayette Ave. Apt. Up, Buzzards Bay; uttering fake check, robbery over $250, Apr 16, 2009, in Bourne, discharged for deficient evidence.

KELLY, Michael A., 43, 3 Wyman Ave., Monument Beach; robbery underneath $250 from chairman over age 60 as well as disabled, Nov. 21, 2008, in Bourne, the single after another the single year but the guilty finding, $2,905 restitution.

KEMMETT, Matthew, 27, Plymouth; no investigation sticker, Feb. eleven in Bourne, not responsible; pushing with registration suspended, dismissed; pushing uninsured engine vehicle, discharged on remuneration of 00 justice cost.

MEDEIROS, Jordan C., 19, 645 Waquoit Highway, East Falmouth; robbery over $250, Oct. twenty-two in Falmouth, conference revoked, systematic to offer change of dangling judgment to Jan. 11, 2011, in correctional facility, thirty days credit for time served, committed; violating abuse impediment order, Feb. twelve in Falmouth, guilty, 6 months in correctional facility, point with on top of sentence, thirty days credit for time served, committed.

PINTO, Gregory S., 36, twenty-nine Dexters Mill Drive, East Falmouth; made during home attack as well as battery, attack as well as battery with dangerous arms (floor), intimidating witness, Dec. 4 in Falmouth, dismissed, marital payoff invoked.

RUSSO, Alfred C., 67, 34 Buzzards Bay Ave., Buzzards Bay; attack with dangerous arms (bulldog), Jan. twenty-one in Bourne, the single after another 6 months but the guilty finding, systematic to stay divided from victim.


(The following pleaded not guilty.)

ANTONE, Savery J., 37, 77 Winter St., Hyannis; melancholy to dedicate crime (bodily mistreat as well as drop of property), attack as well as battery, intimidating witness, entering chateau during night for transgression withdrawal chairman in fear, possessing tramadol, Mar twenty-two in Falmouth. Bail ,000 cash. Held in correctional facility. Pretrial conference Apr 7.

ARTHUR, Emily E., 19, 44 Elvira Ave., Teaticket/Falmouth; unwell to stop for police, pushing to endanger, Tuesday in Falmouth. Pretrial conference May 24.

BLACKWOOD, Lynsworth, 40, 699 Sandwich Road, East Falmouth; melancholy to dedicate crime (murder), creation irritating write calls, Jan. thirteen in Falmouth. Pretrial conference Apr 20.

DIAS, Stephanie M., 24, 10 Quashnet Road, Mashpee; unwell to record collision report, withdrawal stage of skill damage, pushing to endanger, Dec. twenty-five in Falmouth. Jury conference Apr 26.

HARRISON, Derric, D., 18, 5704 White St., Otis Air Force Base, Bourne; attack with dangerous arms (knife), unfortunate school, Mar twenty-two in Bourne. Pretrial conference May 12.

HUNT, Brian J., 44, Box 1197, West Falmouth; robbery underneath $250, Jan. seventeen in Bourne. Bench conference May 26.

JOHNSON, Bruce S., 55, 195 Central Ave., East Falmouth; pushing with permit revoked as to being unreasoning trade offender, pushing with registration suspended, pushing uninsured engine vehicle, Feb. fifteen in Mashpee. Pretrial conference May 12.

LeFEBVRE, Richard G., 51, 35 Melissa Ave., Mashpee; made during home attack as well as battery, intimidating witness, Mar twenty-one in Mashpee. Ordered not to abuse victim, sojourn alcohol-free, contention to pointless screens. Pretrial conference Apr 26.

MORIN, Kevin R., 31, 60A Hidden Pond Way, East Falmouth; reception stolen credit card, improperly regulating credit label over $250, Dec. twenty-four in Falmouth. Pretrial conference May 13.

SPRAGUE, Caitlyn, 29, thirty Evans St., Osterville; robbery of engine vehicle, reception stolen engine vehicle, Mar twenty-two in Falmouth. Bail 00 cash. Held in correctional facility. Pretrial conference Apr 26.

SWEENEY, Patrick D., 27, Boston; noted lanes violation, OUI third offense, engine car motorist refusing to brand self, pushing with permit revoked as to being unreasoning trade offender, pushing to endanger, unfinished conduct, intimidating witness, Mar twenty-one in Falmouth. Bail ,000 cash. Held in correctional facility. Pretrial conference Apr 13.

VALLE, Michael A., 21, 376 Main St., Wareham; OUI, pushing improperly, unwell to stop/yield, Mar twenty-one in Bourne. Pretrial conference Apr 26.

WESTON, Daniel J., 32, twenty-four Canal View Road, Buzzards Bay; pushing to endanger, withdrawal stage of personal injury, Feb. fourteen in Bourne. Pretrial conference May 13.


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Common Uses of Viagra

Viagra (Sildenafil) is a prescription medication used to treat male erectile dysfunction.

How to Use Viagra

Buy Viagra OnlineYou should take Viagra about 1 hour before sexual activity. Swallow the tablet whole with some water. The amount of time Viagra takes to have an effect varies slightly from person to person but it normally takes between half an hour and 1 hour. You may find that it takes longer to work if you take it with a high-fat meal.
You will learn how well Viagra works for you through your personal experience. If you do not get the results you expect, talk with your doctor. Viagra comes in different doses (25 mg, 50 mg and 100 mg). You can determine the dose that works best for you. However, increasing the amount above 100 mg will not produce a stronger erection, but rather may increase adverse results.
You should not take more than one dose per day. Do not increase dosage.
If you are age 65 or older, or have serious liver or kidney problems, start at 25 mg.

Viagra Precautions

Viagra may interfere with some drugs. Only take it with other medications if recommended by your doctor.

You should not take a higher than the one which prescribed for you. No research into long term usage of high dosages has been conducted.
There is a possibility that Viagra might cause psychological dependence, making you unable to achieve an erection without it. However, this is merely a matter of psychology.

Viagra Side Effects

For simplicity, they can be divided into several categories.

Mild – temporary change in green/blue colors or increased sensitivity to light. This should not alarm you, however – if any of these side effects are severe or won’t go away, call your doctor: headache, dizziness or lightheadedness, flushing (feeling of warmth), nasal congestion (stuffiness).

Moderate – also usually mild and tend to go away, but should be taken more seriously:upset stomach, diarrhea, some reports of breast enlargement.

Bothersome – painful erection, rash, fainting, chest pain, itching or burning during urination.

Viagra side effects will occur more often as the dosage increases. The most serious reported, is blue tinted vision, of longer duration. Viagra can block the breakdown of cyclic GMP in the cone cells of the retina leading to perception of blue, also cause dilation of blood vessels in other body parts, causing fainting and headaches.


A permanent erection. If you ever have an erection that lasts more than 4 hours, seek medical attention immediately so you don’t end up with permanent damage.

If You Take Too Much Viagra

If overdose is suspected, contact your local poison control center or emergency room immediately.
Symptoms may include chest pain; fainting; prolonged erection; dizziness; persistent back or muscle pain; severe or persistent vision changes.

Additional Viagra Information

Do not share Viagra
with others. If you miss a amount, take it as soon as remembered; do not take it if it is near the time for the next dose, instead, skip the missed amount and resume your usual dosing schedule. Do not double the dose to catch up.  Store Viagra at room temperature
between 59 and 86 degrees F (15 to 30 degrees C) away from heat and
light. Do not store in the bathroom. Keep this and all medications
out of the reach of children.

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Tramadol Morphine

Tramadol Morphine – cheap tramadol

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Tramadol Morphine – TRAMADOL®. Tramadol is a prescription pain reliever that comes to
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Major surgery? I’m prepared

Posted by
admin 8 February, 2010

In the beginning, when I was thinking about the name for this blog I came up with DUCK, DUCK, GOOSE, but didn’t want it to end up on a poultry Web site. But seriously, those words explain perfectly how I feel about life recently. For the recent few months, I’ve been collecting all my ‘ducks’ to be prepared for Urohunocological/rectal surgery; or as I like to name it “fixing the everything falling out old lady” surgery. So when I gather all those ducks, all tests and exams, I will get my goose and have this surgery. The abdominal surgery is going to put everything back to its’ place, especially considering my history of relapsing polychondritis and prednisone use over the years as a some sort of wires that were trying to hold every part at place.
Ok, so let’s put everything together, firstly I had cardiac stress test to ensure that everything is all right with my old ticker. Well it seems to be working just find and improves after my cardiac ablation procedure which changed the rhythm of my heart about three years ago. Next was endoscope and colonoscopy procedure to exam my gastrointestinal system. There were a few problems, such as H. Pylori bacteria, but I get treatment for it. Yesterday they tested my bladder by filling the bladder then made me cough, recline then stand to see what shape the bladder was in. There were many tubes, catheters and wires stuck in me. My bladder was also checked to see how it held urine. I think everything went all right, without any problems or ‘accidents’.
Okay, what’s more… I’ve had to put away my methotrexate for a few weeks. I’ve had some blood work and I’ve decided to stop supplements I’m taking that elongate bleeding times such the Omega 3 oils. I was wondering if any of my meds may do the same, but my doctor checked them and said they are okay. I also checked the infection rate at the great hospital in Portland, where I’m going to be in. And was satisfied with finding out the infection is a worry during any operation today.
At home, I’m trying to do more stretching than I usual do, strengthen the abdominal muscles and preparing to get some extra rest. I’m looking through all bills, and other financial stuff to leave my home in perfect order. I’m going to put all my recent medical history in one, let’s say just in case. Then I will meet with my lawyer to update my last will. No, I’m just kidding, I’m not thinking like this, but it seems reasonable thing to do. Okay, so that’s everything for now. See you soon.

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